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Because life often doesn’t play out as one would like, especially when it concerns a well-earned holiday, we recommend all our guests to take out travel insurance.

For your mountain holiday we recommend the hotel cancellation premium insurance (Hotelstorno Premium Versicherung, which includes helicopter rescue costs and accident coverage) from our Partner, Europäische Reiseversicherung.

Travel insurance will save you from having to pay unnecessary costs, should you become ill or something unforeseen happens. Thanks to travel insurance you won’t experience a financial setback, when you have to cancel your stay at our hotel or have to prematurely end it.

Avoid cancellation costs and get more information on the hotel cancellation premium insurance from the Europäischen Reiseversicherung.

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Hotel Storno Premium Informationsblatt (PDF) (171KB)

You can easily take out this insurance when you pay the down payment on your reservation. After we’ve arranged for your travel insurance your copy of the insurance policy will be sent to you.

We highly recommend the travel insurance for trip cancellation with the Europäischen Reiseversicherung!

Should you have any questions we’ll be happy to answer them.

Direct to the travel insurance: European travel insurance

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